The Voyager By LG

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Then when you get that item it’s nowhere near as good as everything/everyone said?

Well, in my opinion that’s how it was with the LG Voyager for Verizon.

It was about that time where I needed a new phone , now keep in mind I’m 17 years old s of coarse I want the “best.”

A lot of my friends at school have the Voyager and recommended me getting it too, I also looked it up online to see what others said about the phone and to see reviews and ratings. This phone was also referred to as the Iphone Killer at one point

Here’s some things I saw:

* Large External Touch Screen
* Full QWERTY keyboard
* VCast TV
* HTML Web Browsing
* 2.0 Mega pixel camera
* Music Player
* Bluetooth
* MicroSD memory port.

Sounds cool huh? Guess again.

Let me tell you about some of these features on the phone.

The touch screen-It seemed like the coolest thing ever when I saw it (wow a touch screen and a keyboard inside). Well when I got it, it has been nothing but a pain the butt.

It doesn’t respond well, even after countless calibrations.

It makes it very hard to text and dial it hits numbers on the other side of the screen.

If it hits something a certain way in your pocket it will unlock the phone and start hitting other thing on the phone (EX, mobile web, navigator, ect…) and sometimes will even call the most recent person on your calls list.

All in all this is by far one of the worst touch screens I have ever used.

The camera on the picture is excellent, if you have like all the time in the world to take a picture. You know how on some phones you hit the camera function and take a picture and it snaps like right away? Well the camera on this one does have excellent quality pictures when your subject is completely still The slightest movement can make the whole picture blurry. It would be great if it had less of a response time.

Oh and probably one of the worst things about the phone is its response time. It takes absolutely forever to register the buttons sometimes and it freezes up a little when you get a text while looking a pictures or going through ring tones .

All in all I really wouldn’t recommend this phone to my worst enemy. Save your money and buy something nice instead.


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