Divorce-proof Your Marriage – For Ladies Only part 2

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5.   Your eyes – Can be one of your best features, if used to bless, express appreciation, smile, etc. Frequently make eye contact with your husband, especially when your mouth is silent. Allow your deepest feeling for him to be reflected in your eyes.

6.  Your voice – Listen to yourself speak. Objectively critique your speaking voice. If prone to yelling, stop. Never speak harshly to your husband, no matter how upset you are, don’t yell and he will appreciate you for it. If you have a strong voice, one not so feminine, cultivate a softer tone. When speaking pay attention to the volume of your voice. If you find that your voice is somewhat high-pitched or mousey, decide how you would like to sound and work at it until you accomplish your goal. It will not hurt to research the subject on the internet. Also, a voice coach may be necessary. If a voice coach is impractical for you, you should be able to find help in books from the local library.

7.  Your hands – Take care of your hands. Remember their touch conveys love to your husband. You will want your hands and nails to be attractive. If you clean your house without using gloves to protect them, try using gloves. Use cream that has been manufactured for use on hands.

8.  Your touch – Your touch should be pleasant, never should it be unkind. Touching is an art in and of itself. Exploring this skill is a good idea. Books on massage are a good place to start. Make a point of casually touching your husband. Your touch can say I was thinking of you, I appreciate you, thank you, etc. Tenderly caressing your husband’s face with your precious hands is a blessing you should both often experience.

9.  Appearance – The most important sense God bestowed upon your husband is that of sight. Men were made to first notice what they see. Their appreciation for what they see then sparks certain positive mental and possibly physical reactions. Therefore, my lady, never must you be found looking untidy, unkempt or inappropriately dressed. Even if you stay home all day and take care of your and your husband’s precious children, you must never permit yourself to look “a hot mess!” You must keep and maintain a wardrobe that includes items for casual, formal, religious, sporty and professional activities.


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