How Pop Survived the Great Depression

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Pop could spin a story with the best of them, but I never got that interested until I faced a job loss in the midst of the Carter Recession. It wouldn’t have been that bad for me alone but I had a wife and two young children to support. What’s worse is that my job loss was of my own doing and therefore I was not elegible to collect unemployment benefits nor would it be easy to find another job in the same profession. You see, I was a  high school teacher suffering burn-out so bad that the thought of going back to school left me in a state of depression. With little useful business experience to show  prospective employers and unable to collect unemployment benefits I stayed awake many  nights worried sick. Pop assured me that we could move in with him and mom if worse came to worse, but I could tell that he dreaded that possibility more than I did. That’s when I bagan to pay close attention to the stories he would tell me. In a subtle way he conveyed five important survival skills that got me through hard times:

1. Turst in God–not the Government

2. Be huumble enough to accept help from any friend or stranger willing to give you a hand up.

3. Learn from everything you do–even if it does not appear to have value at the present time.

4. Be flexible in your goals but never bend your principles to achieve them

5. Give back whenever you can and in any way you can.


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