How to Change Your Icons on your Computer

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While the default icons on your computer are nice, they can get boring.  Changing your icons can give a nice level of customization to your computer and make it truly your own.

How to Change your Icons on a Mac

1. To begin, you will need a new icon to replace the old icon.  There are a variety of great, free icons available on the web.  Just utilize your favorite search engine.  If you are stuck check out these great sites:

2. Right click on the icon you wish to replace.  From the menu that appears, select “get info.”  An info pane will appear.

3.  Leave the info pane open.  Go to your new icon and right-click.  Select “copy.”

4. Now, go to the info pane of your old icon and click on the picture in the upper-right corner

5. Press Control + V

6. You will now have an your new icon.  Congratulations! You have succsessfully changed your icon and customized your Mac

How to change your icons on a PC

1. You should first secure your new icon, there are many to be found on the internet.  Search for some by utilizing your search enginge of choice.

2.  Now that you have an icon, select the object of which you wish to change icons.  Right-click, and select “properties.”

3.  In the menu that appears, select the customize tab.  On the lower half of the menu, there should be a button to choose a new picture

4.  Find your icon either by searching or selecting the folder it is in

5. There you have it, your picture is changed

Changing your icons on your computer is simple and ads a nice touch of customization.  Your computer can be matched to a specific theme, your mood, or just random.


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