How to Restore Your Adobe License in Adobe CS3/CS4 if it Fails

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This will only work for the following Adobe products: CS3, CS4, Photoshop Elements, and Director. Search Adobe’s site for the appropriate tools if you do not have one of those Creative Suites or any of the other applications listed on the download page below.
1.  Go to Adobe’s website and get the Licensing Service Update:
2.  Extract the .zip (Windows) or .dmg (Mac) file.
3.  Close all running Adobe applications and run the LicenseRecovery.exe (Windows) or (Mac) application.
4.  Follow the instructions, selecting your desired language (English or Japanese), and hitting “enter” to run the tool. When completed, try launching your Adobe product again. If it doesn’t work, close it down and run the tool again, but this time select “0” rather than hitting enter. This will delete the license information and force you to re-enter it when you start the Adobe application again.


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