How to Tell Your Spouse Is Cheating!

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Here is an easy way to validate any suspicion your spouse is cheating on you. Or if anyone you know is deceitful or you suspect is telling lies!  This easy technique works great. After all, it is a technique used by law enforcement to question
suspects and is basically fool proof.

Step One. Mirror your spouses body language while sitting in a chair or on a sofa. If your spouse is relaxed and slumped back. You sit relaxed and slumped back . If he is sitting at attention. You sit at attention. And lean your body in his direction. This will put him at ease and less resistant to your inquiry.

Step 2 Mirror your spouses voice and gestures. When he talks low. You talk low. If he talks fast. You talk fast. If your spouse gestures awkwardly. You gesture in the same way. If he smiles, you smile back. If he looks serious…you return the same serious look.  This places the subject in a deeper relaxed mood. So the questioner might ellicit truthful responses.

Step 3. .Now look in your spouses eyes and ask a question directly. Your suspicion is your spouse was out cheating on you with
another last night instead of at home with you!  You ask “Anything interesting happen last night?”

Step 4. Watch your spouses body language. If he starts to lower his eyes and look away or can’t make eye contact…this shows
guilt. And as you probably know guilty people just can’t bare to look the accuser in the eye.

Step 5 . If  the accused response is is something like, “Why do you ask?” This is another guilty signal. And they are guilty
as charged. Notice they did not look shocked at your question or puzzled.

Step 6. Now, ask the accused  directly. “Are you cheating on me?” If the answer is a smirky smile, a silly laugh. Or they repeat the question, say thats crazy, deny cheating in a pleading voice, or even accuse you of cheating…these responses  all show a very
guilty conscious. And odds are the accused is guilty as charged.

Note: If the accused seems more concerned about your feelings than denying guilt, this suggest an innocent person.


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