Quizzes to See if My Boyfriend is Cheating

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Are you a concerned woman who thinks that her boyfriend may be cheating with another woman? Is there doubt when your man tells you he is “going out with the guys” or “working late” and cannot see you? Well, to determine if your boyfriend is cheating, there are several quick quizzes to give him without him figuring out if you are suspicious.

Most women find their men cheating indirectly, meaning they do not come home to find their man in bed with another woman. Instead, their boyfriend is out with the woman at various restaurants/bars, then goes back to a hotel or her place for their sexual relationship. A good quiz to determine your boyfriend’s activities is to ask him about places around town that he and his buddies go. Generally, if he is going out with a girl that you don’t know, he is either going to lie and say he was somewhere else with his friends, or go to that place with the girl, and then leave. If he said that he went Wednesday to “X”, you can always do some private investigating and see if he was actually there with his friends. Often a bartender or waiter will remember his face, especially if you have recent photographs of him. If you are in a closer relationship, sometimes you can see his credit card purchases on his bill, go back to that restaurant or bar, and ask them if they remember him from that day.

Another quiz is to ask indirectly what females he tends to associate with as friends. Sometimes these girls know more than they should, and will often tell you. Quiz him on who he tends to hang out with often. Sometimes though, these girls are actually the ones he is cheating with, so be careful.

A last quiz to get your boyfriend to indirectly confess to an episode of cheating is to ask about how he smells different lately. A guy who is not cheating will blow this off; either say that he doesn’t know why he smells different or may suggest and show that he is using a new cologne. A guy who is cheating will panic; often trying to use the cologne excuse but doing it in a way that reveals stress and fear at being found as a cheater. Slip it in after he comes home from a “night out” with the guys, often when men are cheating, they will smell like their female counterparts perfume.


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