How to Shop for a Desktop Computer

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The best way to shop for a desktop computer is to do it on-line. If you visit a site like Dell, you can customize your computer the way you want it and not have to be stuck buying one that’s comes with a certain type hardware and memory. It’s more cost effective to customize one on-line; you will save money in the long run. Some sites will even let you choose what OS you want installed on the computer you purchase.


Before shopping for a desktop computer on-line, visit . On this site you will find special manufacture offers on computers, as well as other computer products. Sometimes you will also find a coupon code to save you additional money.

Step2 :

After checking out, go to the manufacture’s website and choose the desktop model you are looking to purchase.


A site like Dell will give you a few base systems to choose from and customize for that base system. A base system will be the type of processor and speed.


You will want to purchase at least an Intel dual-core processor. If you are going to do graphics work and video, you may want to consider a desktop with an Intel quad-core processor. The prices have come down a lot on quad-core and they will soon be the standard before we get in larger core processors.


Next step is to make sure your desktop has the bare minimum of 2GB of memory. 4 GB of memory is more common and will cost you less money if you ordered it with your customized desktop.


If you base model comes with a 21” wide screen monitor, then you are all set. You don’t want anything smaller than 21’’ monitor.


Graphics memory should have at least 256MB of on board memory. 512Mb if you’re going to do video and graphics. This will make your screen rendering faster. If you base model uses share memory then it’s taken from you main system memory.


Operation system: Some manufactures’, like Dell, still offer Windows XP. Most times however you will be getting Windows Vista. Just remember if you have some old programs they may not run correctly in Windows Vista. The same goes for any old computer hardware that Windows Vista might not recognize.


Consider extended warranty if you are not real computer savvy. Tech support will be very helpful and save you grief in the long run.


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