The Next Day

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How two people from different cultures made a connection.

My wife and what she means to me. At the beginning of the courtship I faced reality. Of how special our connection would turn out to be. Never in my life did I expect to meet a women with spiritual beauty. Dating someone from another country was all new to me. See I have always put my heart on the table. But I took a different direction which became stable. I poured out all my love and affection. Because I took a complete  turn into another direction. God has and will always be first. But this women quenched my every thirst. How could someone this special be on earth. We got it right in one take and didn’t even rehearse. I looked her straight in her eyes and took a deep sigh. I did not understand at the time why would she cry. It was like all her dreams was fulfilled in a second. You couldn’t imagine why she kept a personal record. See we both were hurt so many times before. Finally, Love entered both of us but we desired more. My wife and I have now been married for six years. No more hurt. no more pain and no more tears. One thing has stopped this from being a perfect story. If you hunger for more just wait until I see you in glory.


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