Will the spirit of Mumbai die out?

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Mumbai has suffered severe burns yet again. The terrorist attacks on Mumbai, at the Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House, has brought disgrace to the city yet again. The spirit of Mumbai has again been probed into, but will Mumbai be the same ever again?

The sentiment among the Mumbaikars is that of anger and determination right now. Anger against the government who seem to have had prior information about the possibility of such attacks. Determination of bringing the terrorists to book and also making sure the government does not get away with its inaction in the entire affair. The question though, looming large is will Mumbai get up and act as though nothing has happened like it has happened in numerous ocassions in the past terrorist attacks.

The world and especially the government of India seems to always applaud the spirit of Mumbai who always take such incidents in their stride and go about their lifves. Although the spirit, evident as always, is present but the people are demanding answers and rightly so. They are not ready to act as meek spectators and act as if nothing has happened. The people are up in arms this time and will surely ensure that something is done about the whole affair and not just offer condolenses and forget it like just another incident.

Mumbaikars would not let their spirit be taken advantage of this time and surely would want answers and something done for the betterment of the financial capital of India. The anger and hatred among the Mumbaikars is quite evident and rightly so, giving out the signals that they just won’t take it any longer with their heads bowed down.

With due respects to the security personnel and homage to the deceased, Mumbaikars are now asking questions which they had never before asked. This is surely an agitated and determined Mumbai this time around, to see to it that something is done or else they would not be alive to witness something like this happening anytime in the future.

Mumbai surely has learnt its lesson and it will never be the same again, it will sort explanations for all that has happened and would never let the world take advantage of the so called ‘Spirit of Mumbai’. Enough is enough seems to be the warcry of Mumbaikars at the moment and if changing themselves is the way to get things done and effectively, Mumbai will never be the same again!


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