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I have been writing on the internet since last September and came into this venture completely blind. Through lots of hard work and learning and listening I am slowly finding out how to drive more traffic to my site.Traffic is what we are all in search of fast, quick and easy, but the truth of the matter is, it is not any of the above.

The first thing that needs to be done as soon as you publish anything is to stumble to all of the social bookmarking links. Yes you may spend awhile joining some of them, but it is well worth the time and effort. You can also add widgets to your work from Stumble and Digg and even from Bukisa . I installed the stumble toolbar so I can stumble very quickly by just the push of a button. I go through the entire list of sites to add my content. I also found a site that that will submit to 130 sites This place is great, check it out.

The next thing you can do is submit your posts to search engines for free. Free Search Engine Submit is also very useful and does submit to about twenty of the top search engines in one easy click.

I also ran across Feed Burner this site add any link you supply to run rampid through the internet. It is one button also and is really fast. It will also connect to your Adsense account which is really cool, so then you can add your channel there also.

Back linking is also a good way to draw traffic to your site. There are communities out their where you have a profile and page and can post your links there as well. A couple of my findings are Website Owner Zone . There are also tons of forums out there where you can backlink your posts in the forum. A great way to drive traffic to your page.

Another way to drive the traffic is to link other material in the same catagory at the bottom of the page. This way when people come to view they have a few other articles they can just click on and find more of your work. Also adding a link to your profile is a good way people can find you. (check the bottom of this page and you will see what I mean)

Although all of the above are slow, I have found there is no easy way to get page views and ranked with the search engines. Ya a lot of people think all you have to do is post and they will come, but that is not true. It takes a lot of hard work, effort and tons of patience to get the ball rolling. Once it has though its all uphill from there.

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