The Difference Between an At Home Business and an At Home Job and Being Careful Not To Get Scammed

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I searched for close to five years for a successful at home business before I found AmeriPlan and my candle business. I spent a lot of time and money in my search. There are at home businesses and there are at home jobs. An at home business is yours, you are the boss, you make the decisions, you work it as you seem fit. With an at home job, you work for someone else, just from home. There are start up costs with an at home business and monthly overhead, but you get to choose your hours, make your own schedule and take time off when you want to. An at home job usually requires you to work set hours in a quiet environment and you have to go through the application process and usually background checks. It is much easier to start an at home business than it is to find an at home job.
With an at home job you have to be very careful of scams. There are legitimate at home jobs out there, they are just hard to find and hard to get. You should NEVER pay to work an at home job. A legitimate at home job will not require you to pay a dime to start, they will pay you an hourly pay or base rate. So, if you find an at home job that requires you to pay to get started, it probably isn’t legitimate.

An at home business is not a JOB, it is a BUSINESS. You can be very successful owning your own at home business. You will be making money for yourself, not for someone else.

When you are trying to decide on a business or a job, do your research. An at home business is easier to research as eveything is laid out for you in black and white, the start up costs, monthly overhead and what is entailed. An at home job is just that, a job and you will have to work it as a job, you will just be doing it at home. You still have to do things the way your employer wants you to do them, take breaks when you are told and keep your kids quiet. You will probably still have to have a babysitter. You will have to work the hours they say to work and do what they say do. You will have to research the job and find out if it is offered in your state, if they’re hiring and how long the waiting list is.

As I said, NEVER pay for an at home job, not even for the training or for a program of how to get started…these are probably scams where whoever you’re buying the information from will get rich and you will get poor.  A legitimate at home job will train you and pay you while training. Some at home jobs will require you to already have experience.

I personally learnt from experience not to pay for an at home job. I also spent money on scams where I would pay a fee to start something and I never heard from the person/place again. I was on my own not knowing anything. They just wanted my money and what I did from then on was up to me. It looks really good on your computer screen…”Make $10,000.00 Your First Month”, then after you pay a fee to get started in making $10,000.00 a month you wonder how you’re going to do this and there’s no one there to help you do it. You will get email after email if you ask for information about a certain ad or opportunity, but as soon as you pay to get started, the emails stop, unless of course they want you to upgrade. If it were possible to get on the internet and start making “$10,000.00” a month everyone would be doing that instead of worrying about losing there job and wondering how they were going to make it if they don’t find another one.

So, do your research. An at home business can be very rewarding if you put your heart into it, an at home job can be a good way to go if you find a legitimate one and you can get scammed if you’re not careful. In this day and time with the economy the way it is, a person has to take their own interest to heart and do what will benefit them to be able to be successful.

Deciding to work for myself has been the best decision I have ever made. The two companies that I am an Indepedent Contractor for are amazing. The training is awesome and so are the products. I offer healtcare benefits, which people will always NEED and candles, which people will always WANT.


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