How to Save your Fuel Flow – Automotive

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Want to help look after the environment, keep your car in good condition and spend less money? Follow these simple tips to achieve all three.


Plan your Route

Combine errands and try to avoid heavy traffic areas, road construction and hilly terrain to save fuel and time.

Don’t Speed

Vehicles are at their most fuel efficient when operating at sixty to eighty kilometers per hour, depending on the vehicle.Beyond this point fuel use increases exponentially. Make your traveling at ninety kilometers per hour rather than one hundred and ten kilometers per hour can reduce fuel consumption by ten percent or more.

Use Cruise Control

On highways that are essentially level with gentle curves, set your cruise control to keep your speed constant and save fuel.

Make sure your Tires are inflated

Keeping tires up to pressure minimizes sidewall flexing. This reduces heat build up, maximizing tires life and reducing fuel consumption by one to two percent.

Don’t Drive Aggressively

Try and `flow’ with the traffic and avoid hard acceleration and braking. Tests in the same vehicle using `aggressive’ compared with’ smooth’ drivers showed differences in fuel consumption of up to thirty percent.

Get Regular Servicing

This will ensure your car is in tiptop shape, reducing the need for repairs as well as saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Use Air – Conditioning Sparingly

When the weather is fine, switch off the air – conditioning and open the windows. This can reduce fuel consumption by up to ten percent.

Avoid Short Journeys

A cold engine uses more fuel. If you don’t have far to go and the weather is nice, why not walk instead?


Most of the drivers are exploring different ways to avoid spending so much of their hard earned money on fuel and improve their car’s fuel efficiency. By following the above tips may help you to spend less money for your fuel consumption.


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