If You Only Believe

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There is no need to worry because I’m here for you.

There was a time I felt as if I were all alone. Looking to fit in and simply belong. In this world it seems as if there has been a trap set for you. I had so many worries and I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden out the clear blue sky. I heard a voice say please don’t cry. Then I look arournd but I saw no one. So I said to myself what have I done. Again I heard this voice for a second time. I then said am I loosing my mind. At that time the situation became remarkable. Because Jesus spoke to me and said I love you. If you never have experienced this you would not know how I feel. The presence of the Lord is such a great deal. If I live to be one hundred and ten. I will never forget the voice of my special friend. If you don’t see what direction I am leading you. Ask Jesus to come by that is all you have to do. Say Lord Jesus I’m a sinner but I want to repent. He will say to you don’t worry my child do you know how much time that I spent. Preparing a place for you where the streets are made of gold. Now you can tell Satan away with you I am sold.


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