The unusual life of Benjamin Button

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         How do you think a life ages backwards? Is it lucky to have such a life, or it would be poor to be so unusual?

        Benjamin Button (by Brad Pitt), who born in 1918 in New Orleans, was one in such a curious situation that he was born in his eighties and aged backwards. Benjamin was abandoned by his father due to his appearance looked like a dying old man, but luckily he was picked up by a woman who worked in a home for elders, which maybe the best place for him to grow up.

        The journey for Benjamin, like most of us, was full of worries about love and work. He worked as a sailor when he was in twenties, and traveled along many different places. The love story for this special man is quite romantic; he met his love in first sight when he was very young (when he looked very old), but was blessed that the girl love him also. Although they met obstacles in between, they finally stayed together and had a daughter. Benjamin decided, however, to leave his family since he knew that he will be younger and younger and not suitable to act as a father.

        It may be sad to see the old woman to be left alone to take care of the children and having his husband being so young that could hardly remember her. Nevertheless, how many of us will be so lucky to have our lover in our arms when he’s going to die?

        The film gives a very good attitude towards life; one will not be able to stop time and changes what god leaves to him, but one will be able to accept challenges and make his own decision. No one knows what will come next and what is expecting you in the future, but you can always be prepared with a open mind to enjoy the joy and sadness of life.


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