Beauty tips: how to make your lips look fuller

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Some people have very thin lips and they want to make it fuller. You can do this by doing a few tricks. You can use makeup illusion and you can also seek a dermatologist help like using botox treatment.

You can begin to cover your lips with concealer. When using concealer you can cover up your lips and the lines and then draw a bigger lip around it and then blend it or put additional makeup on.

You can add gloss to the middle of your lips to make it look fuller.You can keep adding gloss to maintain the full lips look. Some matt lip color will make your lips look smaller so avoid it.

Sometimes drawing to the exact shape of your lips will make it look smaller so avoid it and use a more neutral colors that match your lips so that your lips can look bigger. Gloss always have that illusion to give you a plumper lips shape. Using solid lips colors can also make your lips look fuller. When it comes to making it look fuller, you have to use illusion in your makeup. When it comes to doing makeup, creating illusion will give you some changes that you want to make.


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