How to Speed up Your Computer

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It is mind boggling when gradually your computer starts to slow down on you. It affects your work and wastes your time for doing almost everything, since almost everything is done by your computer. There could be many reasons for a slow computer speed. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your computer runs at the speed you want it to.

Make sure you have a good internet provider with a DSL or a Cable service to guarantee high speed connection. They use fiber optic technology for fast and efficient connection.

Download and run an ad-aware program to make sure you don’t have malaware in your computer system. There are many free ad-aware programs available if you search on

Make sure all the systems are up to date. Sometimes your computer program requires an update and not updating it makes your program run slow.
Clean up your desktop by making folders of similar files and storing them in your C drive or My Documents folder. Make sure you name them so it is easy to retrieve them at a later time.

Increase the security level of your browser, so that all the pop ups and other unwanted malware does not download on your computer automatically by clicking on different websites including unknown websites. You can also use the pop up blocker on your toolbar to block the adds.
Check your C drive for any unused or unnecessary programs that you don’t need and get rid of them. This will give your computer more cushion to run the other programs more efficiently.


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