Gifts crafts: how to make a gift basket

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Gift baskets can be make at home as a gift during Christmas. You can buy all the things and then put it together. It’s fun to do and people will love it too. You can even sell it.

You will need to buy a large basket and stuffing, a teddy bear and all the gifts that you want to put inside of it. You would assemble all of that at home. You can even sell it online or at home.

Doing gift baskets allow you to put everything together and you don’t have to just give one single thing. You can be creative and put everything in there. This will give you a chance to give all that you want to give. It looks pretty nice too.

You just need to put the stuffing at the bottom of the basket and fill it with a teddy bear, a card, and then what ever else that you want. Tie it up with decorative wrapping and you’re done.


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