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There are some brands that are very famous and people like them very well. You can try some of the famous brand to give away so that people will enjoy it. Try to buy nice brand.

Women like Chanel, Lancome, Dolce and Gabana, Cool water, and any other that you might want to try out for them. These ranges from $40-$90 dollars. Usually these are cheaper online or at the flea market or at Ross. You have to watch out for fake ones though. You want to buy authentic ones.

Men like Cool water, Polo, Black, Chanel, and Dolce Gabana. You can buy anything that you like by the way. However, it’s best to try out some really good brands.

You can some discount outlets online because the price is way better. You can even try Ebay. Ebay is great too. Ebay has a lot of discount perfume. Perfume is always an easy choice to buy for people.


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