Beauty Tips: How To Put On Great Makeup Tips: How To Put On Great Makeup

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The first thing is to choose the correct colors for your face. There are a lot of people who use a color that is pink when they’re not pink in colors and you can see the makeup on their face and this is not the right thing.

Use day light to see if the shades are right for you. Discard the shades that are wrong for you. Test out the shades on your hands. Makeup shades are supposed to blend perfectly into your skin and you’re not able to see it.

You would wash your face and put on moisturizer before you put on makeup. Let the moisturizer sink in and dry up and then blend in makeup. You can use sunscreen underneath to protect your skin from sun damage.

You would use your finger tips to blend your makeup. Your finger tips are the best tool as it blends the best. You can use brushes to put on face powder or blush. Blend as much as possible to get everything even out.

Apply modestly and don’t over do it. Too much makeup is not a great look. Just give yourself a subtle look.


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