Lee Anthony : Casey Anthony case update

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Fox News reported that Lee Anthony is now being investigated in the Caylee’s murder case too. He might be going to jail if convicted. The police are looking at charges with obstruction of justice and helping Casey out. Right now it’s just rumor and it hasn’t been made official yet. He may be charge as an accessory to the murder case.

Lee Anthony has been strongly asserting that Caylee is a missing person case and not a homicide case. Lee Anthony has been cooperating with the police and is spending time grieving with his family after finding out that Caylee is not alive. Lee’s lawyer told the press that his client is just concern about the truth and he’s not trying to assert Casey’s innocence at this point. After all the investigation, it appears that more and more evidences are linking Casey to the death of Caylee and it can be an accidental one.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,473947,00.html


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