Peanut Butter Fudge

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How I love peanut butter fudge.  Two of the best foods on earth combined into one:  peanut butter and fudge!  Who can resist it?  Before I found an easy peanut butter fudge recipe I would occasionally purchase a couple of pounds at a candy shop.  The candy shop version costs a small fortune so it wasn’t practical to buy it often.  Frustrated at the price of peanut butter fudge I decided to try making it on my own with a traditional recipe.  Needless to say I am minus a much loved plate due to the incident!

Between the expense of store bought peanut butter fudge and the failure of my first attempt.  I decided tory out a few new recipes.  I wasn’t very pleased with the results of the new found recipes so I ended up creating my own!

The recipe is simple:  Peanut butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and butter.  No stove is needed only a microwave.  This peanut butter fudge recipe can be thrown together in about five minutes.  Definitely a life saver for a dinner when you need to bring a dish or I have even given it as a last minute gift!  Although does one really need an excuse to make peanut butter fudge?  Considering how easy it is to make probably not!

Feel free to use this recipe and even compare it to traditional peanut butter fudge.  When I make it for my mother (who gave me the traditional recipe and thinks I use it to make my fudge) she has never noticed a difference.  Click on  the link below to open this recipe.

Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe  


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