How to know what a good brand of HDTV is

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In my opionion there is no better brand for HDTV’s than Sony. However you can get a very good television if you go with Samsung. Samsung tv’s are great, I own one myself. They are right behind sony but normally a bit cheaper for almost the exact same features and size. Sharp is also a very good HDTV, for LCD or Flat Panel they are right up there with Sony and Samsung. I have a 26 inch Sharp LCD and it has been working great for three years and I love it and my new Samsung.

LG leads are 2nd group of HDTV’s, they are a very good bang for your buck and very stylish. Mistubishi and Panasonic are also avererage tv’s. I would also put the emerging VIZIO in this group as well.
Westinghouse, Pioneer, Toshiba, Insignia, JVC, and Sylvania are all inexpensive but lower quality televisions. Element is one of the cheapest televsions too but of these I actually like the Toshiba and Insignia brand as a cheap HDTV, my parents have two and they love it. They have a smaller one for their bedroom and a bigger one in the living room. They aren’t huge on expensive technology and they like it a lot.
3 Things to remember are:  1. Do your research before any final purchase. 2. Also get a warranty if the Television costs more than $500. 3. And know your budget before you start looking.


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