How to tell your boyfriend you want an Orgasm

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When I had my share of sexual encounters with my ex boyfriend in the beginning of our relationship, I would get extremely disappointed with him before we even got anything started. After the third time, I had the “he doesn’t satisfy me and never will” notion stuck in my brain. I enjoyed being with him mentally and emotionally, but never physically. He was always missing this, this thing, I couldn’t figure out what it was at the time. But sex was the dreaded “thing” that I didn’t want to go through with him but did so anyway because he wanted to. In other words, I just felt sorry for him, or maybe just obligated. I’m really not sure now that I think about it. But anyway, when the time came, I let him do his thing, knowing full and well that it wasn’t going to last, and in a matter of four to six minutes we would be done and I could then go back to watching television. This scenario went on for quite awhile up until one day.

So this insignificant day we were at the computer reading random articles about relationships. Taking online quizzes, trying to figure out if we should continue our relationship or break up. (We weren’t having any issues, just we had nothing better to do.) So as we continued with the test, of course the results said we were a match made in heaven. (Those test always say the same thing, they are just a waste of time.) But then we saw this link that said “How many orgasms do you have each time you have sex?”, and I thought to myself “zero”. He looked at me and smiled, “You probably get like ten with me, right?” When I turned to look at him, my facial expression made his face drop as if I just shot down his manhood. (I didn’t mean it, I didn’t realize my face would say it all, so quickly, it wasn’t planned, I swear.) But anyway, it was at that point in time I decided to let him know my inner most feelings. I went into this long monologue, then decided it was best that we shouldn’t be together anymore and how what I needed he could never provide, so on and so forth. Then he asked my what exactly I needed. I thought about it, and at first, I just wanted to give him hints and clues, not just come right out and say it. Then I thought some more and I was just like “eh, what the hell, I don’t want him anymore”. (To myself of course.) Then I told him “I want, no I Need an Orgasm!”.

And there it was, that is all I needed to say or should have said a long time ago. So before we parted our separate was, he gave me the most incredible gift. The best thirty minutes of my life, achieved ten orgasms! Afterwards, I was seriously reconsidering the whole break up, but it was too late, he told me even if I did want to give our relationship another try, he couldn’t be with me anymore because he couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t be up front with him from the beginning, he considered it being dishonest. (Wow, how the tables turned!)

Moral of the story, Don’t hold in your true desires, if you want something that isn’t being done when it comes the bedroom, let your partner know, or else you’ll be the only one stuck in your misery and miss out like I did.


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