Be a sexy mama, with just a change of a Hat,, Diane Keaton, Paris Hilton, here We come!

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1Picture43_Thumb.jpg Add a sparkle to your look

 Winter seems to bring out our sweatsuits and flannel shirt attitudes. Ladies, we need to shake up out image for our men, or ourselves when we go out. Your guy will love that you added that extra touch to your outfit. Whatever you do, and where you go, wear your hat with confidence!


Diane Keaton Look?  So you say, “I’m not a hat type person”, well what I’ve got to say to that is,CHANGE that mindset! Wearing hats and scarves for me, are what wearing high heels and stilettos to sexy young women. Get a look that defines you, makes you stand out, and then, change it again! Who do you want to be today? Diane Keaton? Go for it!


Taking the time to add a few additional touches to your wardrobe has been know to spice up many family relationships! Don’t get lost in the crowd with the same old boring look, remember, you are what you feel. Today, you are feeling, let’s say cute!

 Picture38_Thumb.jpg  Tomorrow when you go out, be brave. Act like the lioness or tigress you are inside. Step out of your daily routine and mold, surprise your husband or boyfriend..wear that sexy leopard hat and scarf.


maybe where you are going just requires a happy, fresh look. Visit your friends, going to visit people at a nursing home. The older folks always seem to appreciate when a woman wears a hat. They’ll usually comment on it, and have a story to tell about the era of the flappers hats, or the roaring forties. Whatever generation you’re in, make a statement, this is me, and I love being a woman! Summer time is great for all types of hats also. Ball caps, sun hats, easter hats, straw hats, all add to bring you out from the crowd, and show your personality.

When bathing suit weather arrives, where hats to protect your eyes and keep sunglare at a minimum. (also sunscreen to prevent harmful sun rays)

Holidays, Christmas, Easter, Funerals are hat time!

Be forewarned, you may attract more attention than you’d like.


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