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Your level of income should not prevent you from getting the education that you desire. Fortunately, free student loans are available to needy students throughout the United States. Most schools offer some type of government financial-assistance program so their students can afford an education. There are several government programs you can apply to to help supplement the cost of your college education.



Free student loans enable students with low incomes to pay for the cost of their college education. These loans are provided by the government and are based on the student’s income. Interested parties must apply through their designated college or via the Internet. (see Resources).

Time Frame

Each state has a specific deadline by which you must apply before federal funds run out. Most forms must usually be filled out before July 1 of each school year. You can find the deadlines for your state on the federal student aid website (see Resources). Students must allow enough time when applying for aid. Be organized and ready to file by having at your side such information as your Social Security number, income-tax return, driver’s license and any investing records. Complete each section one step at a time. You can always save your work and come back later. Always apply early.


96845_Thumb.jpg Federal student aid allows students to receive an education they might not have because of their income status. Federal student aid does not have to be paid back, and is one of the best ways to pay for an education if your family is in a lower income bracket. Most colleges and universities have student-aid applications available to all students; they also can be accessed online. Federal student aid also benefits students who are living on their own for the first time and/or have no or very little income; such applicants are almost always eligible, since they do not have full-time jobs. Students can receive between $100 and $4,000 in assistance depending on their need, their choice of college and the time of the application.
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