Recession-fact of life

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There are millions of people suffering every day. People can’t pay their bills, rent, or able to get food. This recession is affecting the everyday person. But it’s expected to get worse before it gets better but how bad is it going to get. People are becoming homeless and don’t know where to turn. Local government agencies are stepping in when they can but not all of them are able to hurt. Right after the election results were announced the announcement came that the welfare department would be overhauled and things would not be as easy as before for people to get help. In most parts of the country if you aren’t a certain race then you won’t get help from the welfare system because they only cater to one race. But as well as everyone knows that it doesn’t matter what race you are people are hitting hard times. If it’s true that the welfare system will be overhauled then there will be many children who will suffer because they can’t control what is happening around them.

The non-profit agencies who are trying to help people aren’t getting the help they usually get because the companies just don’t have the money. People voted for change but are the change really coming or are it just another President doing what the last one of the same party did. With all the worries about money people are suffering from medical problems which if they have to see a doctor doesn’t help with the situation. People who can’t pay their rent and the landlord isn’t willing to work with them is making people homeless. If the government does another stimulus check for the people will it be enough. We all have to eat and have to pay our bills but will a check really help those who are so far behind when the first check wasn’t enough. It’s not helping the fact that the jobs just aren’t out there right now. We all have to shop but we can’t shop if the money isn’t there and the retail stores suffer when we don’t shop.

            The industries that are suffering are making it hard for people to make a living because people just aren’t buying things. Being a published author right now isn’t bring in the royalties that it normally would because people aren’t reading and spending the money on new books. With the Internet the publishing industry has suffered because if people can read it online then there is no use to buy the book.

            Even the sports industry is suffering from this recession because people don’t have the money to attend the events. Polls indicate that people won’t be attending the NASCAR races this season since people know that they can watch the races on television. For many people why spend the money to go to a sporting event when they can sit at home and watch it and not spend the money on snacks and other sorts of things.

            Gun sales in the US have gone up and it started going up right after the election results were announces. The news say the reason for people buying guns is because the recession is scaring people but is that really why. No one has said that the reason maybe the gun sales could have gone up is because now race plays more a part in everyday life now. In some communities the violence has already started going up. People are over reacting to the little things and are hurting people without cause.

            Yet it’s surprising to see that with this recession on a weekend if you drive by a movie theater that it will be packed. The movie industry gets a raise when there is a recession. People go to the movies when they don’t have money but for a typical movie trip will cost close to a hundred dollars for a family of four. It makes you wonder if the people who are suffering are really suffering if there are people going to the movies and spending a hundred dollars a trip.

            There are people who are truly suffering and wonder if the government is going to come through for people. How can people wait for relief? People are scared and fear the worst. Not everyone is suffering but there are enough who are suffering that this problem needs to be solved before it gets too bad. Everyday there are more companies laying off and that makes the problem bigger. People who have worked for companies most of their lives are losing their jobs because companies are suffering.

            The government extended the employment benefits but those only last for so long. The benefits help putting money back in the economy but not everyone is able to apply for those benefits. The people who don’t get that benefit just have to suffer. Applying for welfare benefits and trying to get Tanf isn’t what it once was. Case workers are told not to give them out unless it’s a dire need. Everyone needs money to survive in one way or another.

            This recession has changed how a lot of companies run their business because they fear that they will be taken advantage of. Statics say that during a recession that people begin to steal from one another and from people who offer goods and services. With that fact we know that if people are stealing things to get by and that drives the prices up for the buyers because the companies have to make up the cost that they lost. The price for the things that we pay for the things we need everyday go up and it makes the little money that we have not stretch like we would like it too.

            For the people who are suffering are wondering when things will change but the fact is that it could be another year before things change. Some of us can’t take it as it is but when the government doesn’t know how to solve the problem then we wait longer. This recession is a fact of life right now for most Americans but until there is a solution we all suffer.


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