Playing the ‘Liar’ Card Game

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Everyone should know that it is a sin to tell a lie, but what can we do? Most of us poor humans have fallible characters and we are often tempted to tell an untruth. Here is a way to satisfy the urge to lie and for it to not be a sin, but merely part of the game, and you might win to boot. (To boot) is Australian for (as well). For more Aussie Slang see my article,

 The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. This is done by placing them face down on the table and nominating what they are.

 The deck is dealt until all the cards are finished, and then the designated player, usually to the left of the dealer begins. he/she will select as many cards of one kind as possible and place them face down on the table, and nominate what they are.

 For instance, he/she might say, “Four kings” and place the cards down. The other players can then do the same with their cards, by putting down as many as they wish. At the point when a player tables cards the other players have the opportunity to accuse them of being a ‘Liar’ At this point the cards that he/she put down are checked and if the lie is proved then all the cards are picked up, if however, it was not a lie, then the accuser must pick up all the cards.

 The game continues in this vein until there is a winner. Players must keep an eye on every other player in case they place all their cards down in one turn and win the game.

 In keeping with the name of the game ‘Liar’ one can put down as many cards as one thinks one can get away with. For example he/she can say, “Four Aces,” but also slip another couple of cards in as well. Players should be wary that this doesn’t happen.Playing the ‘Liar’ Card Game


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