How to Find and Install Everquest Maps

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Maps are vital to traveling in Everquest. Instead of trying to navigate the world blindly, you can download all the Everquest maps you need for free. Each map will be displayed in-game for your current zone after a simple download and installation.

What You Need


Computer with Internet Connection

Everquest Installed on Computer




1.  Open the Mapfiend website listed in the resources section below. Click the “Map Packs” link under the “MAPS” heading on the left side of the page.

2.  Select the radio buttons next to the name of your expansions. Select “ALL Maps” if all maps are needed, or you are unsure.

3.  Select “Download Map Pack” on the bottom of this page. Select Save File and choose save location. Choose an easy place to find, like Desktop or C:\.

4.  Locate the saved file, Right Click it, and select “Extract Files…”. Save the files to the Everquest Maps folder, usually located at C:\Program Files\Sony\Everquest\Maps.

5.  Load Everquest and open the Map window by pressing Backspace. The maps should be displaying properly.



Even if you don’t have all the expansion packs, the “ALL Maps” download option isn’t very big and will store all current Everquest maps in case they are needed in the future.



Make sure the map files are located directly in the Maps folder, and aren’t in any Sub-Folders, or the Everquest maps won’t load properly.




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