Twitter: Five reasons why it isgrowing so rapidly

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Twitter is becoming more and more mainstream, increasing numbers of people find their way to it everyday, but why is it growing so quickly?  Why do so many people find it useful?  These are I think the 5 main reasons that make Twitter both popular and important.

1) It is easy to use.

Nothing complicated ever became popular. At least not until it became easy to use.

Twitter is very easy to use. All you basically have to do is, tell it “What You Are Doing?”

2) Texting is very popular.

Are you around young people? Young people barely use the phone anymore.

Cell phones are so, 2000….

These days the mobile communication of choice is texting.

Twitter is basically the online version of texting.

3) Highly adaptable. Why is RSS so popular? Because of it’s simple context and it’s adaptability.

These days RSS is used for everything. From Podcasts, to newsfeeds… to video feeds, to friend feeds.

To stream flickr pictures, web blogs and everything in between. It is very adaptable.

This is the same reason Twitter is  popular. It could be used for anything. It is very simple, therefore it could be used for multiple purposes.

4) People are nosy…

Yes, people always what to know what other people are doing.

That’s right, they go onto a communication platform, not to communicate, but to just read what other people are doing.

5) Twitter connects people.

A  phenomenon on Twitter is, special groups dedicated to a particular purpose forming on Twitter.

People join the group, and follow one another.

These days when one works in lonely cubicles or home offices, it’s nice to connect to other people.


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