For the work at home enthusiast: Curb Your Enthusiasm

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If I can offer any advice to any new internet marketer it’s “curb your enthusiasm.” You just can’t make sound decisions like, what are the best avenues to reach your audience or even which domain name to choose, when you are jumping of the walls with enthusiasm. I, like most people, fell in love with the idea of working from home. I like the way saying, “I’m an online business owner” rolls of the tongue. It may not be as unique as it used to be, but it’s still a job that’s aside from the norm. But saying you own an online business is a lot more satisfying when you are earning enough to live on.

It’s hard to be enthusiastic, when all your initial expectations go out the window. Suddenly you realize, this isn’t a walk in the park; it isn’t what you thought it would be.


But that’s like with any job. There are always elements that you hate. You don’t think JLo likes doing all those interviews to promote her album do you?

However, most work at home enthusiasts  don’t objectively look at both sides of owning a work at home business. How can they when the only thing people point out are the positives. Thus, many newbies dive in with a childlike enthusiasm. They don’t carefully consider the impact every decision makes. And trust me, every decision you make for your business plays a vital role in it’s success or failure.

If you take a moment, catch your breath and rationalize, you begin to think a like a business person–with a clear head and an understanding for how your plans will work for you.

I’m not saying don’t get excited, working in your pajamas is definitely something to bake a cake about; just don’t let the thrill take over. Your business will suffer tremendously, if you don’t reign in your enthusiasm.


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