Work from Home Using Google Adwords and Clickbank

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Step one: First of all you need a substantial investment. The more the better. Anything under $500 probably isn’t worth it. What you’ll be doing is writing those ads that you see when you do a search on a google search engine. These are the ads that are on the right side all the time that say things that make you really want to click on them.

Step two: To do this you’ll need to create a google adwords account. The google adwords account is what you use to write these ads. Second you need to create a clickbank account. The click bank account is where you find people who need you to write the ads for their websites. There are many categories so you can find some thing that appeals to you. There’s home and garden, fitness and health, sports, clothing, just about anything. When you pick the category you like, they’ll give you a list of websites that need advertising.

Step three: You’re job is to view the websites provided and pick one. Read everything on the website and make sure you’re familiar with it. Now go to your google adwords account and start writing your ad. They’ll have a simple form for you to fill out. It’s short and simple, just like the ones you see all the time.

Step four: The difficult part is your investment. You must choose how much you’ll pay per click. The higher you’ll pay, the higher you’ll be up on the search engine. Bad news is, it can use a lot of money really fast! Make sure you have the money to spare. The good news is once you start getting hits (meaning people visiting your ads) it will become a lot easier to make the money back. When people buy something from the website your ad is for, you’ll get paid. If this happened enough, with enough ads, you really can make thousands a day. But don’t expect this to be immediate. You’ll need time to learn how to spend your money wisely and learn how to write persuasive ads.


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