How to Make Money Reading Emails

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You’ll need to sign up at multiple websites to make any kind of spendable money from paid emails. One website will only give you a couple bucks a month. Here are some sites that I’ve found are good to sign up with. and snapdollars.

Once you’ve signed up at all these sights you’ll receive a confirmation email that will activate your account. You must click this activation link to start getting emails that you’ll get paid for.

Once the accounts to each site is activated you’ll begin receiving emails that you can click on and get paid $ .1 – $ .5 cents. I know it’s not a lot. That’s why you have to sign up for multiple sites.

The next step is how you actually make money that can buy a little more than a happy meal. Each website has referral links. .If someone signs up using your referral link you’ll get paid. You’ll also get paid for every email they read. With enough people signing up using your referral link you can make $50-$100 extra each money. So don’t fall for those sites that claim you can make a living doing this. It will be that little extra cash you may need for an extra bill or extra fun.


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