Steps to Make Money Blogging

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Step one: There are two great websites that pay you to blog for them. But first your blog has to be 90 days old. If you already currently have a blog that’s 90 days or older than great! If not you need to sign up for blog.

Step two: is a good starting point. Your not paid to write certain topics. What you right about is your choice. You can begin making money right away, although it won’t be a lot. paidtoblog partners with google adsense and they set you up with an account. When you have your google adsense account, google ads will show up on your blog. When people click on the ads you get paid a small fraction, only cents. The more you advertise your new blog the more money you’ll make from new visitors clicking on your site. You will not see the ads when your on your computer, because one of the rules in the terms and conditions for google adsense states that you cannot click ads on your own webpage. Google makes sure you don’t do this by not even showing ads on your compute.

Step three: To sign up at the main two websites that pay you to blog, your blog has to be not only 90 days old, but you must write your blog regularly. Set a goal to write 2-3 blogs throughout the week until your blog is 90 days old.

Step four: Now that you have a blog that’s 90 days old and you’ve been writing in it regularly, your ready to sign up with other websites and finally get paid to write. Create accounts with and Submit the link to your blog for them to review. In a week or two you’ll receive an email saying that you’re ready to start writing for them.

Step five: You can finally start making a good income blogging. Look at both of the websites database and of offers and take your pick. The sky is the limit. You can write as much as you want. There will always be new offers. You can get paid between $5 and $55 to write 200 word blogs. Have fun with your new side job!


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