How to Make Side Money During the Recession

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Sign up at, and write articles for a little extra money. The more articles you have written the more money you’ll make. It won’t be much at first, only cents, but it ads up the more you write. The great news is you get paid every month for the same article for as long as you want.

Blogging is another great way to make money online. Keep in mind that your blog has to be 90 days or older and be used on a regular basis for websites like payu2blog and payperpost to accept your blog. Once you’ve been accepted you’ll have access to a data base full of people that will pay you to write about their product and put it on your blog. You can add Google adsense to your blog to make a little extra cash. Google adsense pays you if people click on their ads.

You can also do some online surveys. There are hundreds of websites that will pay you for your opinion. Sign up at these websites and they’ll send you email invites when they have surveys available. Just type in “paid surveys’ into your search engine and you’ll get more than enough info different sites that you can sign up for. If you have to pay a fee, then it’s not real. Only sign up for the free sites.


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