Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget

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You can make your honey’s *favorite* meal at home, or you can make whatver is easiest for you and what your time will allow. Don’t forget to set the table and make it romantic by lighting candles.

Making your own Valentine’s Card is also a romantic way to tell your sweetie how you feel. All you need is paper, a printer, markers (or any item of your choice) and creativity. You can use microsost word to write what you want for the front of the card, you can also use images or use a picture of you and your significant other. After you are done fold the paper, and write whatever you want inside. Make it fun and sweet.

Another simple and romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by lighting candles in your bedroom, the dinner table, everywhere you want.

Giving your sweety a massage is also a great way to make them feel good and relaxed.

A bubble bath is also something both of you can enjoy, fill the tub with water, add a few drops of body wash, Get some wine to drink, get in the tub and enjoy.

Making Cupcakes: this can be done easily by just using store bought cake mix and mixing well the ingredients (usually milk, eggs and oil..not too hard, prep time is usually 10 minutes). Then filling the cup cake baking pan with the mixture (baking time is usually 30-40 minutes). If you prefer making a cake…the same rules apply, you just put the mixture in a flat cake baking pan.

Tip To save time on Valentine’s day make certain things like the card ahead of time, so that you will not stress out. This is suppose to be fun and a way to explore with your creativity…sort of like when you were a child making art projects.


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