How to beat Maylene at Pokémon D/P

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This guide will show you how to beat Maylene. Let’s have a look at her Pokémon:


Level 27



Level 27



Level 30


Her Pokémon are Fight Pokémon. The only 2 weaknesses of a Fight Pokémon are Flying and Psychic. At this point, you should have a Flying Pokémon, I prefer Staravia or Golbat. Since Psychic only works against Machoke, psychic Pokémon isn’t the best here.

Meditate is easy. You can use any of your Pokémon against Meditate. Machoke is more difficult, use a psychic (Kadabra) or Flying (Staravia, Golbat) against Machoke. His fighting attacks wouldn’t work against Bug, Psychic, Flying and Poison Pokémon. His attack is high, so don’t use frail Pokémon who don’t have resistance against Machoke.

Lucario is her last and her hardest Pokémon. Flying attacks wouldn’t work here. Lucario’s part steel type cancels his flying weakness. Fight, Fire and Ground attacks are effective, but don’t use Geodude/Graveler or Onix, because they’re part rock. His attack is very high, but he is also quite frail, so a strong non-resistant attack will kill Lucario in about 2 hits.

Many luck!


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