Substance Found in Margarito’s Gloves Could have Killed Shane Mosley

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The ‘substance’ that was discovered by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) could have killed Shane Mosley if it were not for the vigilance shown by Mosley’s trainer and the Inspector of the CSAC who was supervising the event.

Yahoo news reported: ‘A controversy erupted about half an hour prior to Antonio Margarito’s defense of his WBA welterweight title against Shane Mosley on Saturday, before 20, 820 at the Staples Center.

Dean Lohuis, interim co-executive director of California State Athletic Commission, said an illegal substance was found in Margarito’s hand wraps. A boxer’s hand was wrapped with tape and gauze to protect them before he puts on his gloves.

‘It was like plaster-like substance, said Golden Boy Promotions Attorney Stephen Espinosa. It was bagged up by the commission and taken as evidence.’

The ‘plaster-like’ substance was discovered when Mosley’s trainer Nazim Richardson complained about the bulging gloves of Margarito and requested the CSAS Inspector to open the gloves.

The plaster-like substance found was actually plaster of paris, a substance that becomes hard as rock when exposed. ‘Hadn’t those ‘rocks’ been detected and removed, Margarito could have fought Mosley with actual ‘rocks in his gloves’. He could have turned Mosley’s face into bloody mess. After some rounds of pounding, Mosley’s body would have refused to take anymore of it, forcing him to kneel on one knee and ‘plead’ for a merciful halt to those sledge hammer digs to his ribs. Being repeatedly hit with harder than the hardest legit of punches, Mosley could not have been as effective as he was to win the fight.

‘While the concerned boxing commission has yet to come up with its official findings, the existence of ‘rock’ in Margarito’s wrapped hands, in the pre-Mosley fight is established. Whether or not Margarito has ‘rocks in his gloves’ in his previous fights, like the ones he had with Kermit Cintron and Miguel Cotto, we don’t know. We may no longer know’.

Had it not been for the vigilance of Mosley’s trainer, Nazim Richardson and the CSAS Inspector, Mosley could have been badly injured or he could have been killed.

Putting foreign substance like ‘plaster of Paris’ into the gloves of boxers to gain advantage in the game is against boxing rules and may even be considered a crime when it is done intentionally. In this case, it seems that the motive was clear.


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