Avoiding Paid Survey Scams

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I am one of the millions of people out there today who is trying to make extra money on the World Wide Web. What I have come to realize that many may not is that making money is not nearly as easy it seems, and it is definitely not as easy as sitting in your home doing surveys for cash!  Here are a few of my ideas on how to avoid the really obvious scammers out there trying to get your money and your information.

Anywhere you go on the web these days you see tons of Google and Google-type advertising for “work at home” jobs that will pay you for doing surveys. Clicking on these sites is not dangerous in my opinion. Many of these companies want you to pay to be an affiliate or a member in order to use their data bases and find survey companies. If this is what you want to do, its fine, but be aware of what you are getting for your money. You can always check out a site on www.scamx.com to see if it is above the board and read reviews.

If you do decide to do paid surveys, be aware of what you are actually signing up to do! Real paid surveys are out there, but they are not usually quick and easy things to do, which is how most of the fast cash sites make it sound. Most of the real surveys take anywhere from 20-30 minutes each, they are very detailed and sometimes are hard or boring to follow, depending on the subject matter.

The quick cash survey sites make it seem like you just have to take a few surveys a day to start earning money or prizes, but that is really an understatement. If you really wanted to make money from some of these sites, you would be on your computer for hours and hours every day, most likely earning “points”, not cash! It is a very time-consuming business for little or no reward.

When looking into a company to give your information to do surveys, I have found that the more legitimate ones are the research sites. These sites will not promise you big bucks, usually, but will send you surveys in your email inbox if you meet their qualifications. You have to be patient for these surveys, but they are the ones you will most likely make money on, and they usually just send you a check! I have found that Greenfield Online and MyViews are two of the more reputable, real money sites, but you have to reach a certain amount before you can get paid.

“Free Offers” are not always free! This is a big scam that you can avoid by reading the SMALL PRINT! If you are signing up for a trial, or samples, or whatever, read on to see if these people will later charge your credit card or if you will keep receiving things! Don’t EVER give a site your information without checking it out first. BE SMART! There are many sites out there that want you to fill out offers for money. I refer directly to www.inboxdollars.com. I think this is the biggest of all the scams out there, because if you just start giving your information out, you will almost certainly be taken advantage of, not to mention the thousands of emails you will start receiving.

Be aware of large banners in the middle of the page that seem like you have to fill them out in order to go on. These can be avoided by scrolling down to a link that says “no thanks”, or the like. Do not put information into a banner unless you want this offer! I have found this scam on a few of the “easy cash for surveys” sites.

I hope you make money in your ventures on the web, but be careful! Let me know what you think of my article, too!


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