How to Cure The Hiccups For Real

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Here is the way I have been curing the hiccups for over thirty years of my life. This cure has never failed me, and I pass it along to anyone who I run across with the hiccups. They always thank me!!

  • First, take a deep breath, but not overly deep.
  • Now, keeping that first breath in, suck in some more air into your already full lungs.
  • Now take in some more air, then a bit more, then a bit more until you feel like you connot take ANY more in. (Your eyes may start to bulge at this point…)
  • Now SLOWLY let out your air through a small hole in your lips, and try to relax as you let out your air.

Your hiccups should be gone!

Try this and leave a comment to let me know if it worked, and feel free to pass this wonderful cure along!


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