Death of a friend

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   This is a short tribute to a very special companion. She was always ready for a motorcycle ride even if I was not. It all started one day about 9 years ago this summer. I knew I had a special pup just by the way we came be together. It was Valentines day 1999. I was a little blue as I had broken up with my girl in Oct. and was going to be alone on Vday. I went to Safeway to get a big steak for my celebration dinner. As I approached the store I could hear a lady asking people if they wanted a puppy. She was holding a tiny brown fur ball and asking if anyone wants one. She ask me and my 1st response was that I wanted something with a bit of wild dog(wolf) in it. She said they did have some wolf in them. And I noticed that they were so small that they could not be 6 weeks old, she said 4 weeks old. They were weined early cause of the wolf in them. Then it hit me 4 weeks ago was my Bday. Now I was thiking about it, but I knew I had planned a trip to Az. to see my folks. I was planning on staying with them for a month or so, and they are retired and do not want pets. So I had to think quick, as I am talking myself into a dog. I told her that I wanted a white dog. Her response was that there was 3 white ones in the van.OH NO now I am digging myself in deep. Um I was hoping for a white female. She said there was one of them in the van, I said  Better have a look at her. It was love at 1st sight so I went in and got a nice big “T”bone steak and some Puppy chow…

   She was so small that she could not sleep in my bed she would be crushed. So I got a crate for her and she caught on in 2 nights. She was so smart and liked to play fetch at 5 weeks old. March 17, Saint Pats. day was the day we headed to Az.. We stopped in Kansas at a small city park and played ball and enjoyed the 65 degree temps.. It was a beautiful day from Neb. all the way to Tucimincary, New Mexico. I pulled into the truck stop to sleep at about 12pm..Woke in the morning to COLD, and SNOW on my van. I went into the truck stop to get coffee and ask how it is that I had 60s yesterday in the north and come all this way south and hit snow and cold?. They laughed at me and said I must not be from mountian country. Back on the road. When we hit the Az. border it was like opening a curtian, the sunshine was there. Her 1st toy was a 20oz Pepsi bottle we played fetch with in the van.

   The look on my Mother’s face when she saw the pup was less than welcoming. She said “you brought a dog?.” But it only took one time petting her to fall for her, she had a rabbit type fur, super soft. Mom ask if she was trained and I told her she would bark at the door to go out.We had fun the next 2 days and they came to love her and accept that she would be OK. I went to see if I could get some jobs while I was here(I do flooring installs). So I took off for a couple of hours and did find someone who would give me a couple small jobs. I got home and Mom said “You know what your dog did?”. That is not a good way to start a conversation, especially if you are not the one saying it. So I had to ask, no what?. Mom proceeded to tell me the she was sitting in her chair watching TV. Crystal came into the front room and then disappeared. She heard a bark and a minute or two later Crystal was in the front of her again then gone and another bark. Mom did not know what was going on. Then it was reveled to her. Crystal went back in front of Mom and when she looked at Crystal, Crystal started to Squat. Mom said she jumped out of her chair and knew from then on what she wanted.

   When I got back to work in Neb. she was not happy with me leaving her for hours while I worked. She decided to rip the insides out of my left tennis shoe and leave it at the foot of my recliner. I scolder her and gave her some new toys. A couple of days later she tore the insole out of my left boot. I finally figures she want to go to work with me. So I started to take her with me to work and got some greif from some people but most loved the Idea. That is how she got me to be my working dog.

   Next writings I will reveal how she got started ridding on the motorcycle. And some of the places she has been..

   God Bless


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