Why should you shovel roof full of snow?

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The first danger of not keeping your roof shoveled is the most obvious one, roof collapsing. When snow accumulates , the extra weight of the heavy snow can cause a roof to cave in. But another danger of not keeping a shoveled roof , is ice accumulation and ice dams

A good indication of ice dams are large icicles hanging from your house. Ice dams are caused by a build up of snow on the roof. This snow insulates the bottom layer of snow , the layer that is touching the roof. The warmth from the roof causes this lower layer of snow to melt, leaving the water to run downward , where it freezes. Now you have ice buildup along the edges of your house, and icecles hanging from the eves.

Ice can ruin a good roof with water backing up and freezing under your shingles.

To keep your roof ice free , you will need to shovel roof frequently. If you do have ice dams , don’t try to chip or break the ice up, this will create more damage to the shingles. Clearing the snow from behind the ice , will stop the water damage, and keep it from making the ice problem worse.

Two good reasons why you should shovel roof and keep it clear from snow buildup!


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