Three Tips to Make Valentines Day Dinner More Romantic

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A candle lit dinner is a standard romantic practice for Valentines Day.  The husband or boyfriend who arranges one for his sweetie will be sure to get appreciation for his efforts.  But for significant others who really want to make Valentines Day dinner more romantic, follow the tips listed below.

Valentines Day Dinner Romance – New Locations

While taking your wife or girlfriend out to a fancy restaurant is a nice touch on Valentines Day, you can increase the romance by simply having dinner in a different part of the house.  Instead of munching at the kitchen table, clean all the bills and whatnot off the dining room table and use that for a change.  Set up a cozy picnic dinner in front of the fireplace in the living room. Serve dinner in bed for the ultimate in romance.

Valentines Day Dinner Romance – Pick a Theme

Romantic dinners can become even more romantic if you design the evening using your love’s favorite theme.  This can be very extravagant or more simple if you don’t want to spend too much money.  Orchestrate an elegant victorian dinner with lots of lace, silver candlesticks, and gleaming crystal.  Create a chinese fantasy with red tablecloth and black and gold utensils.  Hang some paper lanterns around and eat with chopsticks.

When choosing a theme for your romantic Valentines Day dinner, it is important to know exactly what your wife or girlfriend’s dream style is.  Enlisting help from her friends or family may help you create the right designs.

Valentines Day Dinner Romance – Pile on Luxury

Luxurious romance goes far beyond candles, although they are a good starting point to make a Valentines Day dinner more romantic than usual.  While a pair of candlesticks will create a pleasant glow, a candleabra could increase elegant style.  Floating candles in a shallow dish work well when interspersed with floating flowers.

Flowers in all forms are very romantic for most women.  Besides displaying a bouquet or flowers or just a single rose bud in a vase, consider strewing flower petals down the length of the tablecloth.  Bowls or dishes filled with rose petals can not only add romantic luxury, but create a pleasing scent on your dinner table as well.

Other methods of piling on luxury for a romantic Valentines Day dinner include using your best china and silverware, using pretty table linens, subdued lighting, and soft music.  All of these things can be pulled together to create a holiday dinner filled with love and romance that she will never forget.


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