How to prevent Hepatitis B virus infection

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Hepatitis B virus infection is one of the series of Hepatitis infections. If not taken care of seriously it could have deadly consequences. Mostly the danger of catching a Hapatitis B virus infection comes around when you are traveling outside the country. The following guidline can help in the prevention of the Hepatitis B virus infection.

The best way to prevent Hepatitis B virus infection is to receive immunizations for the virus. Usually, the immunization takes place in three steps. After receiving your first shot, you have to go back for a second dose after a month. It boosts your body’s immune response against the viral load in the blood. To have a strong immune reaction of your body against the virus for at least ten years, you can go back to your doctor for a third shot after six months.

Becareful when eating out. Eating uncooked, raw food or eating from outside vendors can infect you with Hepatitis B virus. If you are visiting another country, you should be taking strict precaution not to eat from street vendors.

If you love body piercing and tattooing, you have to be extremely careful with the equipment that you are using. Make sure the equipment is totally sterile. Using non-sterile equipment can transfer the Hepatitis B virus or other blood born diseases to your body.


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