John Travolta extortion: documents lead to extortion

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According to TMZ, the document that stirred trouble was an authorization for transporting Jeff Travolta in the ambulance. John Travolta stated that he wanted to fly Jeff to Florida’s hospital instead of taking the ambulance route which could be slower. John Travolta thought the Jeff could get the best care at Florida’s hospital. A source told TMZ that john and Kelly were debating over the location that they wanted to treat Jeff.

According to TMZ, “there is no detail about why the extortionists thought that it was worth $25 million dollars to keep the details private.” The Nassau Guardians had a story about the document and they say it’s a “refusal to transport” type of document. The article cites Marvin Dames, a commissioner of police said that this type of document “is signed by a party when refusing, for example, emergency medical services from trained personnel.” TMZ said a source told them that John and Kelly said that they did not refuse treatment but was debating about “where” to transport Jeff for treatment. You can read more details at



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