How to Keep a Healthy Relationship

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Step 1

NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY! This seems like a difficult request because it is such a simple concept. It is generally not healthy to “sleep on it” all the time. If there is an issue between you and your partner it is best to address it to avoid bottling things up.

Step 2

Do not point out each others flaws in front of family and friends, it only makes the situation worse.

Step 3

Consider the possibility that you might be contributing to an issue or problem. Do not be so quick to point the finger if you have not reflected on your own behavior.

Step 4

Be patient when listening to your partner and let them know that you want to hear their concerns because you value their happiness.

Step 5

Think before you speak. If you speak without thinking first, it might cause a misunderstanding that could amplify a problem.


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