Amazing GimpShop trick – Selective Coloring in 5 simple steps

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Have you ever seen a picture that is black and white except for one or a few select items in it?  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on powerful software to do it; you can do it for free and in five easy steps.  GIMP is image manipulation software meaning it is capable of doing a lot of the same things that programs like Photoshop can do, and it’s free to download at  Selective Colorization is just one of the abilities of this great tool; download it and you’ll quickly find out how much this program can enhance the quality of your photos.

I’ve seen a few tutorials on how to color a photo selectively, but I’ve found that they are unnecessarily long and confusing.  Even the one available at Gimp’s official website is difficult to follow.  This is the fastest way to get it done:

Open the image in GimpShop.

1. Click IMAGE, scroll over MODE and select GREYSCALE


3. Re-open the original image while leaving open the photo that you’ve just turned black and white

4. Right click on the image and scroll over EDIT, select PASTE INTO

5. The top layer of the image will now be black and white, so all that you have to do is select the ERASER option and begin brushing over the areas of the picture that you want to re-color.  You may want to adjust the size of the brush depending on the size of the area that you’re re-coloring.

It’s as simple as that!  If you like the software you can make donations to the Gimp Team at so they can continue offering free programs like this.  After all they’ve put a lot of effort in, you’ve got to appreciate the generosity.


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