Where to get an eBay discount coupon?

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Where do you get an eBay discount coupon?

Some would like you to believe you can get these codes off the internet, when it just simply isn’t true. eBay sends out coupons to their registered users.  If you are signed up to receive eBays promotional emails, you could be notified by email, through your “my eBay ” page , or sometimes sent a promotional through snail  mail. The key thing to remember here, is these coupons come from eBay . These promotional eBay coupon codes you see people dangling in front of eager web surfers, is nothing more than a carrot to get you to come to their website.Most of the  codes they are promoting were sent directly to them, and they are programmed only to work with their ID. Which is why it won’t work for you.

What are the coupons good for?

That really depends on what eBay is running at the time for promotions. It will cleary state what the coupon is good for, and how to use it. You do need to have a pay pal account, and only one eBay coupon can be used per purchase. Usually they have short experation dates, so keep a close watch on when it expires.

Do they really work?

Yes, they work just as they are suppose to, as long as you have gotten your coupon from eBay. If you have any problems using your eBay coupon, you can contact Pay pal customer support, and they will assist you with it.

As an afternote :

I will add that there are some eBay discount coupon promotion codes that are available on eBays official website, that can be used by anyone. You can keep track of them by visiting eBays home page regularly. Expect to see promotions when nearing a holiday.


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