help any solider

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How you can help any solider.

Sending care packages is a great idea.
A care package is filled with things that our soliders  don’t get in the field.
 Things that remind them of home.
You can put together your own or purchase them online.

Anysolider is a web site that has ready made care packages.

Soldiersangels is another great site that has ready made care packages.

You can become a Pen-Pal and write to a solider.
There are many web sites.
You have to sign up for and become a member, Then they set you up with a solider for you to write to.
Sign up for 
Operation Military Support;
They support all the men and women in our military overseas.
They receive names of men and women
who do not receive regular mail from home and connect them with
 volunteers who want to boost there spirits.
Become a Pen-Pal Today and start lifting the sprits of our men and women that are so bravely serving our country.
God Bless.


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