Save your dogs life.

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chicken bones

They may taste Yummy to your dog but they can KILL them.

All dogs like a bone ever now and again.
Chicken bones become brittle when they are cooked and can splinter in your dogs
stomach and cause them all kinds of problems.
From choking to a hole punchered in there stomaches or intestines.
A dog can eat bones before they are cooked in the raw state but never after when they are brittle and can splinter.
Don’t find out the hard way. Ask your vetenarin on your next visit.

Purchase your dog bones that are sold in the stores and are made for dogs.
Always throw the bones in the trash and rember that your dog likes to get
 in the trash so put it out of his reach until you can haul it off.

It’s not just chickens bones but all bones can be harmful to your dog.

I gave my dog a rib bone, nice and greasy. It sliped down his throat and he got chocked.
As I tryed to save him and retrive this bone from his throat , he bite me.
So I did the only thing I could. I waited till he fell on the floor and I
then could get in his mouth and down his throat to pull it loose.
The dog recovered quickly and is doing fine many years later.

So never give your dog a bone.
your dog is your best friend.


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